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C02 Fair Trade co-op images courtesy of fairtrade, Photographer: Matt Kadey.
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BEAN FAIR is one of the first companies in Canada licensed to sell Fair Trade Certified products and is based in Wakefield, La PĂȘche, the first fair trade town in Quebec. (See Media.)

We buy from small-scale farmers who grow organic coffee the traditional way: between other plants in the shade, which creates vital habitat for wildlife...and the best coffee beans! The beans are roasted in small batches and packaged in compostable bags. The beans come from co-ops in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru.


Lowdown article: Wakefield celebrates 25 years of Bean Fair Coffee and decade of fair trade

Bean Fair has been selected as a Fair Trade MVP by Fair Trade Canada!

We are now the first CO2 Responsible coffee business in the region. We offset our coffee's carbon footprint by supporting a social reforestation project in Nicaragua.
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The Fairtrade Canada logo on Bean Fair products is your independent guarantee that they meet international Fair Trade standards. This ensures that our products are purchased from cooperatives of small producers who receive a fair price for their coffee and tea.

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All Bean Fair coffee is Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada.

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